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"Strutt Your Mutt" Adoption/Fund-Raising event for the Putnam Humane Society 2009.

Tucson, passed away 2011
at the Putnam Humane Society in Carmel, NY

To All Members,

Tucson and I were great pals. I've been coming to PHS for about 7years. I was walking Lucas "the shirt ripper" and Maxwell "the big white fluffy ‘mean’ dog with the dreadlocks"--- (I later named him LAMBCHOP  when I adopted him). . . all of a sudden I was being contacted by Tucson ----"Hey", he said, "over here ---take me for a walk". So that was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Many walks ----- down the block, to the super market, to the pond, to the lake on a special half day out----oh yes, and to McDonald's for cheeseburgers. But the really perfect day was when I took him to SYM early before everyone else arrived ---- what a walk that was.

I miss you TUCSON the Great. We will meet again.

Best and Loving Regards to all the Board Members and of course to his

Martha was in the Park Ranger's truck headed for the ACC (Animal Care and Control) on 110th St in Manhattan. She had been tied to the park fence and off she went.

Left Top - Neil and Katie, two one-eyed recue kittens.

Left Below - Neil checking out the "Goodie" cupboard.

Right Below - Neil and Sylvester

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Tucson, Malinois Shepherd, longtime resident of PHS.
Tucson and Michele Dugan

George and his friend Robota on Long Island Sound, off season.

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