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Photo Album -

"Strutt Your Mutt" Adoption/Fund-raising event for the Putnam Humane Society 2008.

Available for adoption
at the Putnam Humane Society in Carmel, NY

Lucas (adopted)

Left to Right - Jevin, Norman ( adopted)

SAR dog, Hava bound for Haiti with her buddy Ken McKay

Putnam Humane Society Reunion -
Former Adoptees and their parents on the Spring 2009 outing

Front - Gwen and Lambchop

More Photos

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Reba finally made it in 2012! There we are on our "Congratulations" walk with Marilyn.

Reba at SYM 2008

by Lambchop T. Mead (aka Maxwell)
The first three years were a mystery to me and everyone I knew. The following 5 years I lived at the Shelter, eating, sleeping, jumping at the fence, oh yes . . . biting my caretakers. Couldn't be groomed regularly---always need a sedative.
Lo and behold along comes this Lady who was being courted by other dogs ---Tucson and Lucas among the many. But she liked me the best because I was "un-adoptable". So one day she couldn't find me at the Shelter --- I had been groomed ---- instead of looking like a dirty, muddy, unkempt stuffed animal --- I looked like a lamb. And she called me "Lambchop" after the Shari Lewis hand puppet. P.S. She was on that show once a long time ago.
Next thing you know I'm living on a boat, falling up and down stairs and in the water. My brother was an older guy named Maxwell (another reason for my name change); which took me over a year to get the hang of.
So though I never really got the stairs or which side doors opened on I did learn to wake my Lady up in the middle of the night by mental telepathy or simply by standing on her while she slept. Another claim to fame is I discovered I could watch her in the mirror between the living room and bedroom, pretty smart, huh?
She took me everywhere (in the beginning it was to safeguard the boat and apartment from being destroyed) --- I was into pulling the drapes down. We traveled in the little yellow buggy which I loved: the beach, visiting friends, picnics in city parks, tennis courts, grassy fields in Pelham where I ran free, walks along the Hudson River, I left my mark on the Cloisters and went to work with the "boys" in Brewster, lead by the Captain who I didn't really like -- took 3 years for me to warm up to him; of course I bit him twice but my Mom chose me over him so I got to stay. Whew!!!
And I had an extended family: a couple of forty-somethings, an eight year old plus dogs and cats who always outsmarted me. Then along came this girl dog with the high IQ who really made me look even dopier, but she sure smelled good. They named her Martha after the cartoon show "Martha Speaks".
Anyway on August 13th (Friday the 13th) I broke my leg -- nobody knows how. My Mom nursed me back to health and I was almost perfect when all of a sudden a handful of horrible things happened to me (had been lurking there all the time) --- well you know the rest.
So now I'm up here waiting for Mom and the Captain to get here. But I'm not alone: there's Susie, Brandy, Lucky, JC, Blackie, Butch, Dorkette (Ashley), Dennis, Doris, Maxwell the First, Ernie, Pua, Sam and even a couple of cats Peter and Katy. And can't forget Frisky and Geoffrey.
Meanwhile my spirit resides in my lair under the coffee table.
1999-October 4, 2010
Beloved Funny Face, "The Wooly Mammoth"